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Foundation Level - Maintaining Financial records

Introduction to this course

You'll develop knowledge and understanding of the underlying principles and concepts relating to Maintaining Financial Records and technical proficiency in the use of double-entry accounting techniques including the preparation of basic financial statements.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students are expected to be able to:

  • This is the main document that students and learning and content providers should use as the basis of their studies, instruction and materials respectively.
  • Examinations will be based on the detail of the study guide which comprehensively identifies what could be assessed within any examination session.
  • The study guide is a precise reflection and breakdown of the syllabus.
  • It is divided into sections based on the main capabilities identified in the syllabus.
  • These sections are divided into subject areas which relate to the sub-capabilities included in the detailed syllabus.
  • Subject areas are broken down into sub-headings which describe the detailed outcomes that could be assessed in examinations.
  • Your Instructor

    B. Amrith Thilan
    B.B.B, ACCA Passed Finalist